Difference Between REALTORS® and Real Estate Agents

North Carolina Real Estate Brokers

A real estate broker is someone who has a professional license to help people buy, sell, or rent all sorts of housing and real estate. In North Carolina, there are several different requirements a person must meet to obtain a real estate license.

NC Real Estate Brokers must satisfy an education qualification within three years prior to license application. The most common path is to complete the 75-hour North Carolina Broker Pre-Licensing Course at/through a Commission-certified Education Provider or possess education and/or real estate experience the Commission finds equivalent to such course.

Prospective agents and brokers must also complete and file an application for licensure. Candidates must also pass the two-part licensing exam. The test consists of both national and state sections. The National section is developed and provided by professional testing service PSI Services LLC (PSI). The State section of the license examination is developed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and administered for the Commission by PSI to only North Carolina license applicants.

In addition to the exam, application, and educational requirements, NC real estate brokers must also satisfy the character requirement laid out from the Commission.

Criminal Offenses, Professional License Disciplinary Actions, and Liens or Unpaid Judgments. These three (3) questions relate to matters that may affect the Commission’s determination as to whether you possess the requisite “Character” for licensure. It is extremely important that you honestly answer these questions and provide the required explanations and documentation. Failure to disclose a matter relating to your character is a separate character issue that may be considered in addition to the underlying offense or issue. Failure to answer or provide all required information will result in your application being returned or in an application processing delay.

Every applicant for a real estate license has the burden of satisfying the Commission that the applicant possesses the honesty, truthfulness, integrity, good moral character, and general fitness, including mental and emotional fitness, necessary to protect the public interest and promote public confidence in the real estate brokerage business. To enable the Commission to render its decision regarding an applicant’s character expeditiously, the applicant should submit with the application all information relating to criminal offenses (including serious traffic offenses), professional licensure disciplinary actions and liens/unpaid judgments.

North Carolina REALTORS®

In addition to requirements from the NC Real Estate Commission, those wishing to hold the title of REALTOR® have additional items to complete to be in compliance. Specifically, REALTORS® must also join and be an active member of local, state, and national associations of REALTORS®. Once an agent is a part of the association, they may use the REALTOR® designation.

For Morganton, Valdese, Glen Alpine, Connelly Springs, Rutherford College, Burke County Board of REALTORS® is your local association.